CS:GO Championships Rules


Teams and Competitors can qualify for Winter Championship 2022 in two ways:

  1. Accumulation of Points over the season
  2. Last Chance Qualifiers awards eight spots


  • Players will have ownership of points, if a player leaves or is released from a team those points carry over to the next team’s point pool.
  • Players who change teams mid season will incur a penalty of 20% to their point total.
  • Teams must have core players to hold their qualification spot. Any team who disbands will not hold their spot, players will still hold their individual points with a 20% penalty.
    • 5v5 Titles - (3) Core Players
  • Teams are able to play in ALL EVENTS as points will be used as seedings for the Championship Event. Team with the most points and has been awarded a qualification spot at the end of the Last Chance Qualifier will receive 1st Seed.


  • Two point structures will be executed for our Online Events/Local Lans and National Lans. Online Events/Local Lans will host the base point system, while National Lans will host a multiplier of two for points.

Online Events/Local Lans Point Structure

  • 1st Place - 800 Points
  • 2nd Place - 400 Points
  • 3rd/4th Place - 200 Points
  • 5th/8th Place - 100 Points
  • 9th/16th Place - 50 Points
  • 17th/32nd Place - 10 Points

National Lans Point Structure

  • 1st Place - 1600 Points
  • 2nd Place - 800 Points
  • 3rd/4th Place - 400 Points
  • 5th/8th Place - 200 Points
  • 9th/16th Place - 100 Points
  • 17th/32nd Place - 20 Points

Last Chance Qualifier

Last Chance Qualifier will be held on the Thursday before the main event.  This event will award eight(8) teams who place first through eighth a spot for our Championship Event.

Qualifiers and Leaderboard Structure

Sixteen (16) teams will be pulled from the leaderboards to attend the Winter Championship at the end of the qualification period. The Last Chance Qualifier will act as the final opportunity to qualify for the Winter Championship. The LCQ is an open 32 team event that holds eight qualification spots for the Winter Championship.

  1. Total teams from Leaderboard (16) teams.
    1. Teams 1-8 on the leaderboard will advance to the Championship Round.
      1. Teams 1-4 will receive hotel and airfare to the finals.
    2. Teams 9-16 on the leaderboard will play in the Qualification Round.
  2. Total teams from Last Chance Qualifiers - eight (8) teams.
    1. LCQ teams will advance to the Qualification Round.
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