Valorant Game Changers logo in black and yellow with Killjoy agent in background
Valorant Game Changers logo in black and yellow with Killjoy agent in background

All women’s VALORANT teams signed by orgs in North America and EMEA

by Jessica Scharnagle

Last updated: Oct. 19

The women’s scene in VALORANT is expanding, and it can be tough to keep up with all of the teams that are being signed by orgs, or experimenting with roster changes.

Keep up to date with all of the VALORANT rosters that feature women and other marginalized genders with this tracker for teams that are signed to organizations.

North America

Cloud9 White

Cloud9 White have been dominant this year, and they have won every NA VCT Game Changers tournament in 2021. They’ve made very few roster changes since their creation, which seems to have worked out for them since they’ve been winning so much.

Current roster:

  • Alexis “alexis” Guarrasi
  • Annie “Annie” Roberts
  • Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil
  • katsumi
  • Melanie “meL” Capone


CLG Red have been around since 2015 with a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and they entered the VALORANT esports scene early on. Benita “bENITA” Novshadian, Melanie “rise” Tetreault and Claudia “Clawdia” Che are the only three permanent members of the team right now. They have been trying out multiple players across several VCT Game Changers tournaments, but haven’t signed anyone since Clawdia came on board in July.

Current roster:

  • Benita “bENITA” Novshadian
  • Melanie “rise” Tetreault
  • Claudia “Clawdia” Che

Shopify Rebellion

This is the team that has been able to take a map off of C9 at Game Changers. They recently signed coach Rob “rob-wiz” Kennedy, and their performance has been steadily improving. Shopify Rebellion were previously Built Better and Moon Raccoons Black prior to that.

Current roster:

  • Kayla “flowerful” Horton
  • Diana “diana” Zhang
  • Vannesa “panini” Emory
  • Kiana “KP” Lytle
  • Han “it not han” Nguyen
  • Lorrian “Lorri” Elad

TSM Female

TSM Female were created in March just before the first Game Changers tournament. Although their roster has seen just a few roster changes, they haven’t shown as much improvement as other teams who have been together since the beginning of Game Changers.

Current roster:

  • Mirna “athxna” Noureldin
  • Catherine “cath” Leroux
  • Emily “mle” Peters
  • Leah “LeahPanda” Nemchin-Cossman
  • Karnthida “Dodonut” Chaisrakeo

Gen.G Black

Formed in the middle of May, Gen.G have only seen one departure so far in Stephaniser. The main roster remains relatively the same as when the org brought in their female team, with Lynn “Lynn” Clarke the only player added this year.

Current roster:

  • Carlee “Carlee” Gress
  • Hannah “hannah” Reyes
  • Lee Lee “leelee” McNeil
  • Tiraye “Tiraye” Knox
  • Lynn “Lynn” Clarke

Dignitas Female

Dignitas Female were around before Game Changers was even announced and had a Counter-Strike roster. This roster has also seen minimal changes and some improvement over the course of the three Game Changers tournaments.

Current roster:

  • Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido
  • Amanda “rain” Smith
  • Melisa “Theia” Mundorff
  • Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi
  • Stefanie “Stefanie” Jones


VersionX is Version1’s female VALORANT team. The players that form VersionX were on an orgless roster Just Breathe before they were signed. The team is brand new, and haven’t undergone any changes since the conclusion of the third Game Changers tournament, where they didn’t make the playoffs.

Current roster:

  • Kiara “milk” Makua
  • Rachel “rushhh” Lynn Hang
  • Katherine “Karra” Lee
  • Natalia “Natty” Jackson
  • Naomi “Naomi” Sauvola

XSET Female

Another new team is XSET Female. It is made up of the players from NOTHING2LOSE, and the team made it pretty far in the latest Game Changers. They were signed mid-tournament between the open qualifier and the main event, so they participated in the bracket as XSET Female and made it all the way to the lower bracket semifinal before getting ousted by Dignitas Female.

Current roster:

  • Ariane “ARIANARCHIST” Lafrenière
  • Katherine “starriebun” So
  • Carolyn “ArtstaR” Noquez
  • Maryna “maryna” Semyaniv
  • Elena “EllieTwitches” Garland

Complexity GX3

The female counterpart of Complexity Gaming is Complexity GX3. They were also formed recently in September, through the signing of the former team GX3. They didn’t get to the playoffs in Game Changers Series III and also are missing a fifth permanent member.

Current roster:

  • Lacey “akaL4CE” Dilworth
  • Alice “alimonstr” Lew
  • Annie “Aniemal” Lee
  • Madison “maddiesuun” Mann


Futbolist Female

Futbolist are a Turkish esports org that signed their team on Sept. 12 prior to the first EMEA Game Changers. They made it to the top 16 but were quickly ousted by BBL Queens in the first round.

Current roster:

  • Annika “mediKa” Lambertz
  • Siana “sia” Yoldez Matri
  • Lada “h6tedthemost” Kozhemyakina
  • alexandra
  • Ece “Kuripuuya” Selin Balıkdere

Team Singularity Female

Danish esports organization Team Singularity signed its female roster to compete in the EMEA Game Changers, and they didn’t fare so well. They lost in the first round to Oxxgen Esports and were knocked out of the tournament early.

Current roster:

  • Yaren “Nariel” Cirit
  • Candan “ESTEE” Yetişkin
  • Pelin “Ked” Yalkın Çingiroğlu
  • Gülcem “Lakhesis” Arslan
  • Tuğçe “minemosynE” Minem Alkır

SuperMassive Blaze Female

The Turkish organization’s female roster was eliminated early on by an orgless team at the first EMEA Game Changers. They lost 2-1 to Chat Banned in the first round of the tournament. They’ve been around since July and recently got a coach.

Current roster:

  • Öykü “OYKU” Büyük
  • Damla “dati” Atila
  • İlayda “Lyda” Güzeldere
  • Reyhan “Sephia” Şimşek
  • Irmak “River” Peküz
  • Enise “turner” Sultan Kıldır

Guild X

Guild Esports signed the female roster just before Game Changers, and there was a lot of hype around their signing. Several big names appear on this roster, but their performance in the EMEA Game Changers left a lot to be desired since they were eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

Current roster:

  • Klaudia “klaudia” Beczkiewicz
  • Yağmur “Smurfette” Gündüz
  • Vivian “roxi” Schilling
  • Anastasia “Glance” Anisimova
  • Sophia “Kim” Benfakir

Rix.GG Lightning

Aptly named opposite of their male counterparts, Rix.GG Thunder, the orgless EU team LAGALS was signed to the Rix.GG organization in April. There have been small roster changes since then, which seems to have worked out for them since they made it all the way to the final in the first EMEA Game Changers tournament.

Current roster:

  • Daniela “Jupi” Gradl
  • Maria “6sonya” Istrate
  • Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado
  • Paige “Padge” Thomas
  • Nicole “Noia” Tierce


TENSTAR Nova have been around for a while, but they completely revamped their roster in August. They dropped their entire team and then signed orgless team GangsterzZ. They took home the gold in the EMEA Game Changers tournament, winning their final match against Rix.GG Lightning 3-1, which is the only game in the tournament where they suffered a map loss.

Current roster:

  • Asma “LirLia” Boughida
  • Mathilde “Nelo” Beltoise
  • Lucy “Sliicyy” Tran
  • Nouhara “Ninou” Marcos Oraha
  • Clara “Cla” Rossi

FireFlux Female

This Turkish esports team was also signed right before EMEA’s Game Changers, and they were immediately ousted from the tournament with an 0-2 loss to orgless team The Originals, who made it all the way up until the semifinals.

Current roster:

  • Berra “Berrie” Özbek
  • İra “ira” Trifan
  • Nilay “liyan” Bulus
  • Enise “turner” Kıldır
  • Simge “W4thena” Karaca

Oxxgen Esports

A play on the chromosomes in the female body, Oxxgen Esports were formed in February, with a few roster changes between then and now. The team didn’t do too badly at Game Changers. They made it all the way to semifinals and were knocked out by Rix.GG Lightning.

Current roster:

  • Zeynep “Ritha” Sualp Öztürk
  • Yağmur “rainssa” Şahin
  • Neslişah “Ness” Demir
  • Süreyya “Gia” Bayel
  • Aslıhan “proxima” Uslu

BBL Queens

BBL Esports’ logo is perfect for the name of their female team, BBL Queens. They recently lost their coach right before Game Changers started, but they did OK. They made it to the quarterfinals before they were knocked out by The Originals.

Current roster:

  • Dilara “Dilara” Toprakçı
  • Büşra “Banshee” Yurdabak
  • Nur “Eva” Çakır
  • Gizem “Cassiex3” Yılmaz
  • Asena “Xecriona” Kevser Aydın


The Originals were originally a CS:GO team signed by XSET. After parting ways with the North American org, on Oct. 19, G2 announced they had signed this roster as their female VALORANT team playing under the name G2 Gozen. In Japanese, "Gozen" is sometimes applied as a title for female samurai, and the name is clearly a nod to G2's mascot.

Current roster:

  • Julia "juliano" Kiran
  • Michaela "mimi" Lintrup
  • Zainab "zAAz" Turkie
  • Petra "Petra" Stoker
  • Anja "aNNja" Vasalic

Lead image credit: Riot Games

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