VALORANT Champions Tour Watch Party & Co-Streaming Rules

Rules and guidelines apply to VCT Game Changers and Stage 3 Challengers tournaments.

Throughout 2021 select VCT events will offer open co-streaming. Co-streaming is defined as rebroadcasting content from a current VCT stream while adding live commentary and/or video.

You must apply for permission to co-stream the desired event. The following 2021 VCT events are available for open co-streaming (expect this list to be updated throughout the season):

  • Game Changers
  • Stage 2 Challengers
  • Stage 3 Challengers

Click here to apply.

2021 VCT Guidelines for Open Co-streaming Events:

  • VCT sponsors, sponsored segments, or stitched commercials may not be altered or covered in any way. Do not disparage VCT sponsors.
  • All co-streamers and their guests must meet the legal age requirement of 18+.
  • Co-streams must be in English.
  • Co-streamers are responsible for ensuring that any accompanied chat is adequately moderated to prevent vulgar, abusive, or an otherwise mean spirited environment.
  • If you choose to include guests in your co-stream, all guests must also follow the guidelines of the co-streaming program at all times.
  • Co-streaming is only available in English at this time on the following live platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Caffeine. We reserve the right to make language and platform exceptions at any time.
  • Co-streamer sponsors may be used assuming (i) they do not conflict with our sponsors; and (ii) they are not on the Restricted Sponsorship List (Drugs, Liquor, Pornography, Gambling); and (iii) they do not block or cover VCT sponsors or broadcast elements.
  • All co-streaming must comply with Riot Games Legal Jibber Jabber and the terms of service on your respective streaming platform.
  • We reserve the right to remove access to the co-stream program at any time.
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