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FunnyAstro discusses rejoining the Fusion after long visa wait

Jessica Scharnagle

FunnyAstro talked to Nerd Street about what it was like finally rejoining his team in Korea, undergoing a two-week quarantine and gave his thoughts on this season’s Overwatch League meta.Read More

Everything you need to know about Evo Online

The biggest annual Fighting Game Community (FGC) competition returns this weekend for the first time since 2019 as Evo Online. From Tekken to Street Fighter to Skullgirls, here’s what you should know.

Mitch Reames

South America’s True Neutral win Nerd Street’s Rocket League Summer Champs

The South American RLCS Season X champions came to North America and won Nerd Street’s Rocket League Summer Championship. Here’s how they did it.

Mitch Reames

How often KAY/O was used compared to other VALORANT agents in Challengers 2

KAY/O was available for the first time for the VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers 2 qualifier, so how did his pick rates compare to others, and how frequent will he be in Challengers 2 Playoffs?

Brian Bencomo

VALORANT Masters: Berlin qualifying update for every region

The Challengers Playoffs teams are set in North America, Europe, Korea and Japan and are still being determined in the other regions. Find out who's still in the running to reach Berlin.

Jessica Scharnagle

Breaking down all the Unite moves in Pokémon Unite

Each Pokémon in Pokémon Unite has a powerful ultimate known as a Unite move. We break down how and when to utilize them to maximum effect.

Xander Torres

Which Overwatch League teams will be affected most by hero pools

Sigma, Lucio, Ashe and Echo will be banned during the Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup tournament. Find out which teams will have to make the biggest adjustments.

Jessica Scharnagle

Top 6 games to watch this weekend in esports

This weekend is the last chance for teams to qualify for NA VALORANT Challengers Playoffs, and the fifth and final major of the Call of Duty League season takes place.

Brian Bencomo

Advice from longtime YouTubers on mastering Pokémon content creation

If you love Pokémon and want to become a content creator, it can be difficult to stand out. YouTubers PaPaSea and SacredAlmighty offer advice to distinguish yourself in a crowded scene.

Robin Mosley

Everything you need to know about Splitgate

The new PvP shooter Splitgate is proving to be so popular in beta access that 1047 Games had to raise $10 million to increase server capacity.

Andrew Kulp

Meet the teams that have qualified for Nerd Street’s Apex Legends Summer Championship

With Nerd Street’s Apex Legends Summer Championship coming up Aug. 7-8, here’s everything you need to know about the teams that have qualified via monthly qualifiers.

Mitch Reames

Overwatch League Power Rankings entering the Countdown Cup

It’s the Shanghai Dragons vs. everybody else this season. Entering the Countdown Cup, the final stage of the Overwatch League season, here’s how we think all the teams stack up.

Nerd Street
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