CS:GO The Standoff Rules

Rule Inheritance

  1. These rules are based off of and should inherit from the Valve Major Supplemental Rulebook which can be found here. The rules outlined in this document are only additions, enhancements, or modifications to rules outlined in the Supplemental Rules.
  2. This is the official ruleset for the Nerd Street CS:GO The Standoff events. In instances where a situation is not directly outlined in this document the decision will be made by the Tournament Operator (TO) of the event.

Rule Modifications

  1. Rules may be changed leading up to the event at the discretion of appointed tournament officials and/or Nerd Street. Players are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the latest rules and at no point are tournament officials or Nerd Street responsible for announcing or notifying players of rule changes.
  2. In the event a rule modification needs to occur after matches have begun, players will be notified during the event by tournament admins to the best of their ability.


All players are expected to understand and follow the rules outlined in this document and those inherited. In the event of a disagreement or discrepancy in the rules, tournament officials will make the final ruling on a case-by-case basis.


Matches will be played through FACEIT.

Map List and Vetoes

  1. The most current Active Duty Map pool will be used for this event The current map pool is as follows:
    1. de_vertigo
    2. de_inferno
    3. de_overpass
    4. de_mirage
    5. de_nuke
    6. de_ancient
    7. de_anubis
  2. FACEIT will automate the veto process with the process as shown below.

Best of One (Top seed will be Team B)

  1. Team A - Ban 1
  2. Team B - Ban 2
  3. Team A - Ban 3
  4. Team B- Ban 4
  5. Team A - Ban 5
  6. Team B - Ban 6
  7. Team A - Selects side on remaining map

Best of Three (Top seed will be Team B)

  1. Team A - Ban 1 map
  2. Team B - Ban 1 map
  3. Team A - Picks Map 1
  4. Team B - Map 1 side selection
  5. Team B - Picks Map 2
  6. Team A - Map 2 side selection
  7. Team A - Ban 1 map
  8. Team B - Ban 1 map
  9. Teams will knife for sides on remaining Map 3

Timeouts and Disconnects

  1. Each team will be allowed four 30 second tactical timeouts per map. Tactical timeouts do not carry over across maps or matches. Teams may tech pause in the event of technical issues, player disconnects, etc.
  2. Abuse of the pause system may result in round, map, or series forfeiture at the discretion of a tournament official.
  3. Pauses will be executed upon the next available freeze time unless the pause was done by a tournament official.

Match Medic

  1. In the event of a technical issue by the host, Match Medic may be used to restore the game to the start of the affected round.
  2. Availability of Match Medic cannot be guaranteed. In the event a round backup is unavailable, it remains at the Tournament Official’s discretion on how to proceed.

Player Configs

  1. Jump/throw binds and aliases are allowed.

Banned Cosmetics

  1. All agent model skins are banned, players must use default agent model skins.
  2. Weapon skins and gloves are allowed.


Substitutes and Roster Changes

  1. Each team is allowed a maximum of two substitutes for online events. You may only swap players between maps.
  2. You may not make any roster changes the day of the event. All roster changes must be submitted by midnight (EST) the day before the event.
  3. Players cannot be on 2 rosters at once for any tournament. Emergency substitutions are allowed upon permission from the TO as long as those players are not already on a roster for the same Nerd Street tournament.


  1. Coaches are allowed in this event but must be declared in event registration and listed on the FACEIT team roster.
  2. Coaches are only allowed to communicate with their team during tactical timeouts.
  3. Any infringement on these rules may be met with an immediate disqualification to the team and potential ban from future tournaments.


Below are the rules for streaming. All streaming and co-streaming requires approval from Nerd Street Gamers.


  1. Content Creators are free to live stream the event. They will be required to have their streams muted during discord conversations with admins including the captains meeting before the tournament begins.
  2. We recommend that live streams have at least a 2-minute delay on them. This will not be enforced but we will not be regulating “Stream Sniping”. It will be the streamer’s responsibility to protect themselves against it by implementing a delay if they so choose.
  3. Co-Streaming requires approval from Nerd Street Gamers including, but not limited to:
    1. Graphics pack
    2. Title approval
    3. Hashtags and commands

FACEIT and Discord


  1. Teams must register on FACEIT with a 5 player roster. Teams may have up to two substitute players on the FACEIT roster for an online tournament that they also registered with TOs before the tournament.
  2. Team captains will receive an email with a step by step instructional guide outlining how to register on FACEIT.
  3. FACEIT will be used for bracketing, match assignment, team communication, vetoes, coin flips and disputes. The “CONTACT ADMIN” button can be used to alert admins regarding issues.


  1. Each team captain will be required to join the Nerd Street Discord and will participate in a captains meeting for a quick breakdown of the event regarding expectations on the tournament day.
  2. Text channels will be set up for secondary communications. The main form of communication with admins should be in the Tournament Support voice channel for the quickest response. You will also be able to use the “CONTACT ADMIN” button on FACEIT to ping admins with a problem, but Discord should be the primary form of communication with admins.
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