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Camp Localhost is partnering with Butler University to host week-long esports afterschool bootcamps this winter. Bootcamps are for players ages 10-18 who are interested in Fortnite, Rocket League, and Overwatch are who are interested in playing esports in college. These bootcamps are run through Discord and campers may play on any console (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, Mobile) that their game permits - specific details below! Players will need to join Discord to communicate with the rest of camp, so access to a PC/tablet/phone is recommended.

During the week campers will hear from collegiate esports players on what it's like to play esports in college, learn game-specific strategies to raise their ranking, play and socialize with other like-minded campers, and have fun!

Dates Offered:

Fortnite Camp: Ages 10-14 December 14th - 18th

Rocket League Camp: Ages 14-18 January 4th - 8th

Fortnite Camp: Ages 10-14 January 4th - 8th

Overwatch Camp: Ages 14-18 January 4th - 8th

Camp Runtime: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern Time (EST)

Cost: $60 per camper for the week.

Ages: 10-14 for Fortnite camps, 14-18 for Overwatch and Rocket League camps. All skill levels are welcome as there is something for everyone!


  • Fortnite and Rocket League campers may be play on any device the game is downloaded on. Overwatch campers will be PC/laptop only.


  • 5:00pm - Introduction and warm up scrimmages.
  • 5:15pm - Match play and macro review (understanding maps, strategies, and basic game mechanics).
  • 5:50pm - Match play and individual performance feedback.
  • 6:15pm - Coaches lead a VOD Review.
  • 6:30pm - Online play with live coaching.
  • 7:00pm - Campers depart.


  • During a camp week, campers will meet each weekday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm EST.
  • Each campm day will revolve around Competitive, Quick Play, and intersquad scrimmages. VOD reviews will also be done for campers to review and learn from their games.
  • Camps will be capped at 12 players for Rocket League and Overwatch and 10 campers for Fortnite. Numbers are capped to maximize engagement and game time.
  • Camps are open to anyone ages 10-18.
  • All clinics are listed in Eastern Time (EST).  
  • All camps are recorded internally for quality assurance purposes.
  • Camps are done online and only available for United States Residents.

Registration Instructions:

  • Please note that only a parent/guardian may reserve a ticket for someone under the age of 18! This requires an additional registration step as explained on the check out page.
  • Register on this page by clicking "Choose a Ticket" at the top of the page.

Meet Your Coach!

Overwatch - Alex McGrath

My name is Alex McGrath, and I am a junior at Butler University and the Vice President of Operations of Butler Esports. I play on several of our teams, such as Overwatch, Valorant, and Rainbow Six: Siege, of which I am the manager and captain. I am pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Music Composition. When I’m not programming, writing music, or grinding competitive games, you can usually find me reviewing professional gameplay vods to sharpen my understanding of the latest Esports craze!

Rocket League - Henry Johnston

Henry is currently a senior at Butler University, and has been playing video games all his life. Henry has been working with players in Rocket League and Fortnite for a year and enjoys creating a fun environment while helping players improve their gameplay. Henry competes for Butler University in Rocket League and Call of Duty, and is looking forward to having a fun and productive camp! 

Fortnite - Zach Goren

Coach Goren is a Champion II coach who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Kutztown University. While at Kutztown University, Goren spent his time coaching youth baseball programs and high school baseball clinics. During his free time he would play Fortnite competitively to feed his competitive drive. Coach Goren is focused on developing traits that could be used in all aspects of life such as communication, hard work, and a strong mentality. 

Acknowledgement of Recording and Usage of Third Party Platform:

Please be advised that audio and video of this camp or clinic session (the “Camp”) organized by Nerd Street Gamers (“NSG” or “we”) will be recorded for internal quality and training purposes. Neither the participant in the Camp nor the parent or legal guardian of the participant have any rights in or to any photos or video or audio recordings captured by NSG during the Camp.

Usage of third party platforms.

The Camp will utilize third party platforms Discord, OBS and Zoom to facilitate discussion and collaboration among participants. We do not control a third parties’ collection or use of participants’ information or security protocols. We recommend you review the privacy policies and terms of use of these platforms to determine whether they are appropriate for use by the Participant.

Public Forum.

Please be advised that discord is a public forum and we do not control or have the ability to restrict statements made by third parties on discord beyond the length of the Camp. We recommend that parents monitor a minor child’s usage of discord or other public forums.


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*Please note Overwatch and Fortnite are rated T for Teen and Rocket League is rated E for Everyone. Rating are done by the ESRB.

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