PSISTORMCup IX at Cheeseadelphia

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64 player bracket

GSL groups into double elimination playoffs

Eligibility and Player Conduct

- Players of all Leagues are eligible.
- Players must play under an account that matches their best known name.
- Players that compete in the EPT system must use the account that matches their name in the EPT system.
-Administrators have final say in all matters.
- Games will be recovered from replay. In a situation where the game is not recoverable for whatever reason the administrator will have final say on whether or not to remake the game.
- If a player wishes to make a complaint about a match, an admin is to be contacted immediately.

- Cheeseadelphia uses the current map pool.
- Higher seed player shall choose A or B for map selection.
- BO3 Map Selection is ABBA - BAC.
- BO5 Map Selection is AB - ABABC.
- BO7 Map Selection is only for Grand Finals and the winner's bracket player will choose whole map order.
- Group stages are BO3.
- Winners bracket rounds 1 - 3 are BO3.
- Losers bracket rounds 1-4 are BO3.
- Winners bracket rounds 4-5 are BO5.
- Losers bracket rounds 5-8 are BO5.
- Grand Finals is BO7.

In Game Conduct

- Race switching \ race picking are fully permitted with no restrictions (including mid-series).
- All players must have their status set to "Busy" in the in-game client.
- Players may chat, but all players have the right to ask their opponents to cease communication. Players that continue to chat after their opponents ask them to stop may be disqualified.
- Players that type GG after the first minute of the game must leave immediately. Victories that occur after typing “GG” will not be counted.
- Players must cooperate with official attempts to broadcast games. Broadcasted games must be red vs blue.
- Watching or listening to the stream is prohibited.
- Players may request a pause by typing ”PP”. If players are unable to type “PP” due to technical reasons players must inform the admin as soon as possible.
- Players are entitled to a five minute break in series that go longer than three games. Longer breaks may be granted at admins discretion.

Bugs and Fair Play

- If a player is clearly allowing the opposite player to win, participating in "win-trading" both players will be disqualified with immediate effect.
- No abuse of bugs in the game is allowed in any tournament match.
- All forms of cheating and/or use of unauthorized third-party programs is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification and removal from the tournament at the administrator’s discretion.

Player Responsibilities

- Players are welcome to use the peripherals provided by Localhost but may also bring their own peripherals (mouse, mousepad, keyboard). Players MUST bring their own in ear buds. Delays due to not having peripherals may result in forfeiture of a given series.
- Players are responsible for arriving at Localhost at their check in time. Players are liable to receive a one map loss if they are more than fifteen minutes late for a match, and are liable to be walked over if they are thirty minutes late.
- Players will be given designated breaks for meals throughout the tournament, and are responsible for returning to the venue in a timely manner.

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