Raidiant spelled out in the center of a purplish background with the logo of the company on top of the words
Raidiant spelled out in the center of a purplish background with the logo of the company on top of the words

Dignitas launches Raidiant to spotlight women in esports and gaming

by Jessica Scharnagle

New Media Entertainment, which is the parent company of esports organization Dignitas, has announced the launch of its women in gaming and esports media platform,

The site is described as “a website, initiative and content hub,” which will focus on women in esports and women gamers. They also will provide educational, social and competitive resources for women in games.

What is

It can be confusing at first glance to understand what Raidiant is all about, but the site is really a hub for women gamers, and people who are interested in learning about women in gaming.

According to a press release, there are three main aspects of the site: content, community and events.

There will be a wide variety of content including media resources, tips from gaming and esports pros, and a “news and features” section of the website that will aggregate news for women in gaming. will also host a comprehensive directory of women’s esports, “including teams, players, content creators, streamers, and more.” Users of the site can create their own Raidiant profiles in order to network and integrate themselves into the community.

The last aspect, events, is a place where people can go to see what women in gaming events are upcoming. It will include amateur competitions and professional competitions, panels hosted by event organizers and more.

Who is involved with Raidiant?

There are some big names included in the list of entities involved with, starting with NYX Professional Makeup and VIRUS International, which is a performance-wear company.

Twitter will be the exclusive home of Raidiant AMAs, Zoomph will provide insights and analytics, and Queer Women of Esports will “provide leadership on diversity equity and inclusion.” Additionally, Nerd Street will be offering mentorship for women whose goal is to work as a broadcaster.

Raidiant Rocketship gives content creators tools to succeed

Galaxy Partners will help support a program called Raidiant Rocketship, which “provides opportunities for content creators to grow their passion into a full-time career in gaming and esports.”

It is a three-month long program that offers one gamer an opportunity to be featured as a “Raidiant Content Creator.” The program includes compensation, a live streaming package and a professional fellowship program.

Raidiant will also host events

Raidiant will also host monthly and quarterly events and tournaments, which will be a collaborative effort with Dignitas creators and esports athletes, such as Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido, Amanda “rain” Smith, Melisa “theia” Mundorff, Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi, Stefanie “Stefanie” Jones and other. is the fruit of a concerted effort to bring women in gaming to the forefront. Dignitas has women rosters in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and VALORANT and has also hosted women-focused events such as live panels and opportunities to play with the pros.

Lead image credit: Dignitas

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