6 Black Twitch streamers to follow

by Robin Mosley

Are you looking for new people to follow on Twitch and would prefer that your next views go to new and diverse voices in gaming?

If so, then this list is perfect for you because all six Twitch streamers featured here have content that will suit your gaming needs or at least challenge the idea of who and what a gamer looks like.

We all have our favorite Twitch streamers, but highlighting Black streamers specifically is important not only for wider exposure, but also because it’s what the industry needs right now. Rather than simply highlighting them during the obligatory Black History Month, Women’s History Month or Pride Month spotlights on Twitch, as an industry, we must continue to support all streamers to improve equity in streaming spaces.

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While a lot of Black Twitch streamers aren’t teaching people about diversity explicitly, they are bringing you into their worlds through what they are willing to share. And some Black streamers make it a mission to call out issues that exclude Black people.

If you care about diversity and inclusion in gaming, learning about Black Twitch streamers is a must. What you’ll get from this list are streamers who vibe, attempt to break speedrun records and just game with positivity and inclusion in mind.

Here’s a list of the top six Black Twitch streamers to follow.


Mostly known for her Sims 4 streams, Xmiramira has over 43,000 followers on Twitch. She has been streaming since 2015 and is partnered with companies like Twitch, YouTube and Discord. She was also the first winner of Spark’d Season 1, a Sims 4 creator competition. This was a remarkable triumph as Mira has always fought for inclusion in the Sims community. Because of her work, she (alongside other game changers for EA) increased the number of skin tones for brown Sims. Currently, as talent for Queens Gaming Collective, she has the backing of a women-owned company that is working to get more women some shine in gaming.



A family man with faith at the core of what he does, iMAV3RIQ is a variety streamer who is family-friendly. With over 220,000 followers on Twitch, viewers can expect to see sports like NBA 2K, first-person shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty, and let’s plays ranging from horror to popular releases. Ever the comedian, he’ll have you wishing for more content because of his genuine personality. Outside of Twitch and YouTube, he has his own website that puts out exclusive gaming content with his group he built from the ground up.

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A diversity-focused variety streamer and Logitech G partner, PikaChulita has about 14,000 followers on Twitch. She has been streaming since 2014, and you’ll find her playing a number of popular video games like Hades, Among Us, Call of Duty and more, but she also is known to chill and talk with her viewers about whatever is going on with her life. She cares deeply about diversity and inclusion in gaming for people of color and LGBTQ communities and doesn’t hesitate to speak about it when needed.


Another great variety streamer, runJDRun, plays games for his 61,000 viewers on Twitch when he has time from his day job as a voice actor, game show host and comedian. His content is a range of popular games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or anything he feels like playing at the time. One of the best things about his streams are the conversations he has with his viewers, which range from gaming industry topics to something crazy going on in the world.

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The Twitch ambassador and self-professed sneakerhead, Cupahnoodle has 38,000 followers on Twitch and streams a variety of games. She streams games like Grand Theft Auto, Fall Guys and indie horror games. But one of the things that is so great about her channel is how much time she spends talking to her viewers. She’s genuine and a great person to hear talk about life -- one of her latest streams was all about fashion. Her viewers come for the games and stay for the conversation.


The only retro gamer here, BigJon has 113,000 followers on Twitch and loves bringing his work experience in programming to his channel. From creating Price is Right and Deal or No Deal gaming experiences for his viewers to taking them on a journey with swapmania -- a retro gaming format where a set number of games swap every few seconds until completed -- viewers feel at home in his friendly and, as he says it, comfy stream.

Lead image credit: Xmiramira

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