Congrats to our Nerd Street Nominees
Congrats to our Nerd Street Nominees

Nerd Street Gamers produces seven nominees for the all-female honors, the*gameHERs Awards

by Nerd Street Gamers

PHILADELPHIA, September 23, 2021 Nerd Street Gamers, the national esports infrastructure company, is proud to announce their seven nominees for the*gameHERs Awards. This organization is a women-led community dedicated to amplifying and centering the voices of women, femme-identifying gamers and non-binary gamers who are comfortable in spaces that center women. the*gameHERs Awards are meant to recognize these gamers in all aspects including creating content, building communities, and empowering others.

We are proud to be represented by: Ali Berkey - Competitive Operations Coordinator, Angel Brown - Nerd Street Marketing Intern, Ashley Carter - Localhost Area Manager of the West, Ashe Crandall - Localhost Marketing Intern, Rosemary Kelley - Host, Taryn McCarty - Community Development, Jessica Scharnagle - Journalist, and Samantha Timms - Host.

Show your support and vote for the Nerd Street team here prior to September 27. The award show can be streamed on at a date to be determined.

Hear from some of our nominees below!

Ali Berkey (Simplealoe) - Rising Leader

Angel Brown (_melanin_angel) - Best Intern “I am extremely humbled to be nominated for this award. The esports industry was one I thought I didn't belong in, but my journey with Nerd Street's marketing department has truly opened my eyes to new opportunities where I can apply my expertise and thrive, as well as, represent strong intelligent women that work behind the scenes of this industry. Being nominated for this award, lets me know that I am appreciated and seen as a true contributor to Nerd Street Gamers and the gaming industry and as a whole.”

Ashley Carter (frodrummer) - Rising Leader “Leadership is not about titles or positions. It is about one life influencing another. If all I do is inspire another, especially a female in the esports industry, my career will have hit a high note. I simply can't wait to see what the future holds and I'm truly thankful and humbled to be part of this journey from the beginning.”

Ashe Crandall (AsheIsMash) - Best Intern

Rosemary Kelley (@Nekkra) - Best on Camera Talent

Taryn McCarty (taryn_mc) - Rising Leader “I’m proud to be affiliated with companies like the gameHERs which continually bring awareness to women in the gaming space that are continually moving the needle in the industry.”

Jessica Scharnagle (JessScharnagle) - Top Journalist of the Year “I believe women belong in gaming and in esports. What the gameHERs and so many others are trying to do is make sure that women feel included and respected in the gaming and esports industries. To be nominated is an honor, and I'm thrilled to be surrounded by amazing women who are furthering the narrative that we belong here.”

Samantha Timms (NaoriMizuki) - Best on Camera Talent “I feel so honored to have been nominated for an award that celebrates some incredible women in esports! The support that the community has shown makes me happier than I could possibly convey and I hope I continue being someone you can all look up to and I promise to never stop being an advocate for women in esports the world over. Thank you!”

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