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View of the stage at IEM Katowice CS:GO tournament with the trophy front and centerView of the stage at IEM Katowice CS:GO tournament with the trophy front and center

The top 10 esports orgs in the world in 2022, so far

by Brian Bencomo

Which esports organization is the best in the world? If you’re searching for an answer based strictly on competitive results, that’s the purpose of these rankings.

Oftentimes, orgs will have outstanding teams in only one esport. Think of Sentinels in VALORANT last year, or T1 in League of Legends seemingly always. But the truly great orgs are able to field teams that are competitive in and win titles across multiple esports. This ranking seeks to objectively quantify the best orgs across all esports in 2022 and will be updated monthly to highlight the top orgs throughout the year.

The rankings will measure success in 10 esports: League of Legends, VALORANT, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Dota 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Halo. A points metric was used to award orgs points based on their teams’ success in various domestic and international competitions.

The system behind the points metric and rankings themselves were inspired by an article published on The Athletic that sought to determine the best NFL franchise of all-time. The annual series authored by Bob Sturm since 2002 assigns 11 points to the team that wins the Super Bowl, five for the loser, three for reaching the American Football Conference or National Football Conference Championship Game and one for making the playoffs.

Similarly, in this ranking, winning a world championship will give an org the highest number of points; reaching a final or making the playoffs in a major international tournament will produce a decent amount of points; qualifying for an international event will award some points; and doing well in a regional competition will equate to a few points, but won’t hold nearly as much weight as qualifying and doing well at an international event.

One thing worth mentioning is that esports orgs sometimes pick up dropped or unsigned rosters just ahead of major events. For example, in April, Cloud9 picked up the old Gambit Esports roster that qualified for the PGL Antwerp Major in CS:GO, and OpTic Gaming picked up the old Esports Arena roster ahead of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs in Apex Legends. To keep things fair for all orgs, in both cases, the orgs don’t get points for these teams qualifying for the event, but they do get points for how their new teams perform at the event.

Every esport has a distinct league and tournament structure, so it might take 1,000 words just to explain the points breakdown for 10 different esports. Let’s be honest, you’re probably here for the ranking anyway – so without further ado, here are the best esports orgs in the world this year, entering May.

1. G2 Esports

Photo credit: Riot Games

G2 continue to have an excellent 2022. In April, G2 added a League of Legends European Championship title and in the process punched their ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational. In Rocket League, G2 closed out the month and entered May with a win in the first regional event of the RLCS spring split. More importantly, they secured their spot at the RLCS World Championship later this year ensuring they will get a shot at an even bigger title.

2. FaZe Clan

Helena Kristiansson / ESL Gaming via ESPAT

In April, FaZe Clan won their second major CS:GO title by winning ESL Pro League Season 15. Coming on the heels of winning IEM Katowice, FaZe have staked their claim to being the best CS:GO team this year. In May, they’ll have a chance to win the biggest title of the year: the PGL Major Antwerp. FaZe also qualified for the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 main event in North America meaning the team will have a shot to qualify for the next Masters event.

3. Team Liquid

Photo credit: Riot Games

Team Liquid have not won any major titles this year, but they just finished second at the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 playoffs -- the first Apex Legends LAN event since 2019. Despite the lack of major titles, Team Liquid have been consistently good in pretty much every game they compete in. They’ve made the playoffs at VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík, the ESL Pro League, the Rainbow Six Invitational and the League Championship Series. It’s only a matter of time before Team Liquid break through and win a championship in 2022.

4. OpTic Gaming

Photo credit: Riot Games

The first Masters event in the VALORANT Champions Tour calendar went to OpTic Gaming. After consistently being one of the best teams in the world since the middle of 2021, OpTic finally broke through. They also had strong performances at the Halo Championship Series Kansas City Major and the ALGS Split 2 playoffs. If they had reached the HCS Kansas City grand final they would have likely placed above Team Liquid on this list. The org’s absence in a lot of other esports hurts their standing on this list, but they are undoubtedly one of the best orgs in the games they do compete in.

5. TSM

Photo credit: Ubisoft / Kirill Vision

TSM’s claim to fame this year is winning the Rainbow Six Invitational. They also have done well in Dota and will be competing in ESL One Stockholm, the first Dota major of the year. Plus, TSM just qualified for the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 main event for North America, which will give them a chance to try to earn a spot at the next Masters tournament. Finally, TSM were finalists at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs which earned them a spot at the ALGS 2022 Championship where they will be strong contenders.

6. Cloud9

Photo credit: Halo Championship Series

Cloud9 were the runners-up at the Halo Championship Series Kansas City Major. It’s a strong result, but honestly a little surprising given how heavily favored they were to win it all. Still, that result plus making the finals of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs ensure that C9 remains a top 10 org in 2022. One move that should pay dividends for the org in May is signing the CS:GO roster that used to play for Gambit Esports. They will be competing at the PGL Major Antwerp.


Photo credit: Psyonix

FURIA have put up strong results in Rocket League, CS:GO and Rainbow Six in 2022. They made the playoffs in the RLCS Spring Major and Rainbow Six Invitational and have qualified for the PGL Major Antwerp as the top seed from the Americas. They’re the top team from Brazil on this list and should make some noise at the Antwerp Major this month.

8. Natus Vincere

Photo credit: ESL

FaZe have surpassed NAVI as the best CS:GO team in the world. No team stays on top forever, but with a Russian and Ukrainian roster, surely the Russian invasion of Ukraine has weighed heavily on the minds of the players on this roster. The CS:GO team is still very good and will likely do well at the PGL Major Antwerp. The org’s Rainbow Six squad also did well at the Rainbow Six Invitational.

9. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Photo credit: Riot Games

NIP’s appearance at VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík has vaulted the org into the top 10 in the world for 2022. Ninjas in Pyjamas also have had good results this year in CS:GO and Rainbow Six.

10. Spacestation Gaming

Photo credit: Psyonix

While Rainbow Six and Rocket League have traditionally been this org’s best esports, Spacestation’s Apex Legends team is pretty good too. They reached the finals of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs and qualified for the ALGS 2022 Championship.

The next 10

Among the 10 teams just outside the top 10, it’s worth noting Evil Geniuses are poised to move higher pending how they do at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. Also, the Los Angeles Guerrillas came out of nowhere to win the Call of Duty League’s Major II in early April. Combined with The Guard’s appearance at Masters: Reykjavík, this org (formerly Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and now known as The Guard) might move higher in the coming months.

11. NRG

12. Team Empire

13. Acend

14. Fnatic

15. Evil Geniuses

16. Elevate

17. The Guard (including LA Gladiators and Guerrillas)

18. PSG

19. Renegades

20. MIBR

Lead photo credit: Helena Kristiansson / ESL Gaming via ESPAT

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