10 most exciting video game releases the rest of 2022

by Brian Bencomo

In June we learned a lot about upcoming games for the rest of 2022 as well as 2023. The month is typically when we get a lot of video game news due to E3, but even without the major video game convention, June still proved to be a very popular time for publishers and studios to share major game news. From Sony’s State of Play to the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase to Summer Games Fest, it was a busy month for upcoming games news. As usual, the fall and specifically the holiday season is shaping up to be prime time for major game releases. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the biggest video game releases the rest of 2022.


open beta for PC, PlayStation and Xbox


The latest crossover platform fighting game goes into open beta in July for PC and console. Following the success of the Super Smash Bros. series, several similar games have been released in recent years. Last year, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl showed us what it looked like if a fighting game featured popular Nick characters, and this year, we’ll get to see what it looks like when Warner Bros. characters hit the stage in MultiVersus. Batman, Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and even Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark will be among the initial playable characters. Unlike other similar platform fighters, this game will put an emphasis on 2v2 play and will be free-to-play. The game is expected to be released later in the year.



PC, PS4 and PS5

July 19

This is an indie video game that has many people excited. Why? Because you get to play as a cat! The setting appears to be a futuristic world as the cat navigates a world inhabited by robots while attempting to get back home. According to Polygon, the developers (BlueTwelve Studio) really wanted to immerse players in being a cat -- there’s a meow button, you can claw at doors to get someone’s attention and you can even just nap. Beyond that, there is a story, and a lot of puzzle solving and platforming to progress through the game.


Spider-Man Remastered


Aug. 12

Spider-Man originally released as a PlayStation exclusive in fall 2018. It’s considered one of the best Marvel video game adaptations. It features Spider-Man slinging across an open world New York City and fighting against a slew of notable Spider-Man villains including Electro, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino and Doctor Octopus. The narrative is good and the combat is satisfying, making this not only one of the best Marvel games but one of the best PlayStation exclusives. Now, it will follow in the footsteps of other PS exclusives such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn that have become available on PC. Side note: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which released as a PlayStation exclusive in 2020 and is also very good, is set to hit PC at some point in the fall.


The Last of Us Part I


Sept. 2

A remake of the beloved PS3 game The Last of Us is coming to PS5 this fall. The Last of Us was already remastered in 2014 for PS4 and is now getting rebuilt for Sony’s latest generation console. If you’re a fan of the original game and have a PS5, you might wonder if it’s worth investing in a remake. If you played The Last of Us Part II and were impressed by the visuals, gameplay and PS5 controller haptics, then it might be worth it. Or maybe you’re gearing up to watch the upcoming HBO show and want to revisit the game. A PC version of the game also is in development, though it doesn’t have a release date yet.


Splatoon 3

Nintendo Switch

Sept. 9

The third game in the beloved colorful third-person shooter Splatoon series is set to be released this fall. Splatoon originally released in 2015 for the Wii U, and Splatoon 2 released in 2017 for the Switch. Like previous iterations of the game, there will be a single-player story mode (titled Return of the Mammalians), a competitive online multiplayer (Turf War) and a co-op mode (titled Salmon Run: The Next Wave).


Overwatch 2

PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Oct. 4

The long-awaited sequel to the popular hero shooter game originally released in 2016 will finally be available in October. The Overwatch 2 PvP multiplayer mode will be free-to-play and available, but the PvE experience won’t be available until next year. Overwatch 2 will have several new features at launch. There will be three new heroes, including Junker Queen and Sojourn, and six new maps, including Midtown, New Queen Street, Circuit Royale and Colosseo. Unlike Overwatch, Overwatch 2 will not have loot boxes and will instead feature a battle pass system that allows you to earn new rewards each season, each of which are scheduled to be nine weeks long. If you want a preview, there is an open beta ongoing.


Gotham Knights

PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Oct. 25

Set in Gotham City obviously, Gotham Knights is an open world action RPG that takes place in the world of Batman. However, Batman is dead at the start of the game and you get to play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood with the Court of Owls set to be your primary antagonist. Gotham Knights can be played either as a single-player game or as a co-op.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Oct. 28

The next edition of Call of Duty predictably releases this fall for consoles and PC. For those looking to play on PC, this will be the first COD available on Steam since 2017. With Cold War and Vanguard not quite generating as much excitement over the past couple years, Activision is hoping a sequel to the popular Modern Warfare remake that was released in 2019 also will be a hit with fans. While new Call of Duty games tend to come out every year, there isn’t expected to be a new game next year. If you hate shelling out money every year for a new COD, this might be the year to jump in as MWII should be around for a couple years. There is expected to be an open beta at some point before the game releases.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nintendo Switch

Nov. 18

The next mainline Pokemon game releases this fall with a setting inspired by the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). The new starting Pokemon have been revealed: Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. A few of the other new Pokemon also have been revealed, including Pawmi, Smoliv and the adorable Lechonk. The two legendaries will be Koraidon and Miraidon. Two notable features of the new games are that they will be open world like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and they will have a four-player co-op mode.


Hogwarts Legacy

PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Holiday 2022

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then you’re probably looking forward to immersing yourself in the open world adventure that this game promises. Although it’s based on the world of Harry Potter, you won’t run into him and his friends as the game is set in Hogwarts during the 1800s. You’ll be able to create your own character and use spells, brew potions and encounter magical creatures. There’s no firm release date other than that this game is supposed to release during the holiday season.


God of War Ragnarok

PS4 and PS5


The highly anticipated sequel to the popular 2018 God of War is still set to release later this year, according to an update in May from a Ragnarok developer, after being delayed from releasing last year. A good guess would be that this game is releasing right around the holiday season, and in fact, Bloomberg gaming reporter Jason Schreier reported the game will be released in November. Few details about the game are known other than that it will pick up where God of War left off. Kratos’ son Atreus will be a few years older and with the knowledge that he is part giant and actually has another name that many will recognize as that of a famous Norse god. If the game is indeed releasing later this year, we should get a release date soon.


Riot Games coming to PC Game Pass

Winter 2022

If you want to play League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics or any other Riot Games title, you have to download it directly from Riot’s website. Starting this winter, players will be able to access all of Riot’s games via Xbox’s Game Pass service for PC. All League champions will be unlocked as well as VALORANT agents, which is not the case if you’re downloading the games directly from Riot. Instead of grinding for hours on end or paying to unlock, they’ll all be available instantly. Plus, Riot’s mobile titles such as Wild Rift also will be available on Game Pass. It’s a huge move for Riot to bring some of the most popular esports titles into the Xbox/Microsoft ecosystem.


Lead image credit: The Pokemon Company

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