Inaugural recipient of Erin A. Simon esports scholarship at University of Kentucky revealed

by Brian Bencomo

Last week, the University of Kentucky and Erin Ashley Simon announced Abbie Davidson as the first recipient of the Erin Ashley Simon Esports Internship Fund. Simon, who is an alumna of the university, created the scholarship to help support students who hope to pursue careers in esports.

“I wouldn't be where I am without UK,” Simon said in a press release. “I started this scholarship to provide access and opportunity for students to gain experiences in esports, receive an education, and have an amazing experience at the University of Kentucky, the same way I did when I attended.”

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Simon first announced the scholarship in fall 2021. At the time, Simon told Nerd Street that the goal was to give students “a little taste of different career opportunities within esports. So the end of the end of their collegiate year, it'll be where it's like, 'OK, I want to be on the business side’, or ‘oh, I want to do the broadcasting side.’”

In the release, Davidson, who’s a freshman studying computer science and business, said “I am so excited to use the ‘Erin Ashley Simon Scholarship’ to learn about broadcasting games, game development, and professional skills like planning events.”

In addition to financial support, Davidson will receive a multiyear internship and have access to mentorship and experiential learning opportunities.

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The University of Kentucky has partnered with esports organization Gen.G. since 2019 to grow its esports program. Simon graduated from UK in 2014 and has held a variety of roles in esports. She is best known as a host for Cheddar Esports and VENN and currently is a co-owner and chief culture officer for the esports organization XSET.

Lead photo credit: University of Kentucky

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