Ethos, qpert & Co. win VALORANT Lockdown at Localhost Fullerton

by Brian Bencomo

The team known as “Where is Fullerton” found their way to Fullerton, California, and won Nerd Street’s VALORANT Lockdown tournament this past weekend. The team won four matches over the weekend and only dropped one map en route to victory. The five players on the winning roster were:

  • Alan "ethos" Ruan
  • Mateja "qpert" Mijović
  • Jack "Add3r" Hayashi
  • Mohammed “Harmful” Choudhary
  • Peter “Governor” No

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Ethos is a streamer for NRG and a player for Skwirel Warriers. He also recently competed in a showmatch alongside prominent players Melanie “meL” Capone and Alexis “Alexis” Guarrasi and content creators Kyedae Shymko and Jessica Kim. Ethos tweeted that the Fullerton win was his third LAN victory.


Qpert is the sixth man for Cloud9, one of the 30 VCT partnered teams for 2023. He also is a former assistant coach with The Guard. Harmful was on the TSM Academy team that finished second to Ghost Gaming at Nerd Street Champs last summer. Governor has played for Complexity and Nearest Airport. Add3r has been a member of Knights Academy, DNADIFF and Serenity Black.


Where is Fullerton qualified for the VALORANT Lockdown Finals in Fullerton by winning the tournament’s third open qualifier in December with a team consisting of Governor and Harmful as well as Zachary “zekken” Patrone, Yassin “Reduxx” Aboulalazm and Justin “Jerk” Milani. Zekken, who’s currently with Sentinels, is a former member of XSET, a team that won Nerd Street Champs last winter. Reduxx is a substitute for Oxygen Esports, a team that recently qualified for the North America Challengers League, a VALORANT league that’s just below the top tier VALORANT Champions Tour. Jerk has played on several teams in the past including YFP Gaming, The Mafia and Renegades.

Where is Fullerton attempted to qualify for the NA Challengers League with a roster consisting of Jerk, Harmful, Governor and Add3r alongside Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen. They made it as far as the Round of 16 where they were knocked into the lower bracket by Disguised Toast’s team Disguised, a team that did ultimately qualify for the Challengers League.

Lead photo credit: Nerd Street

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