Dignitas connects with fans, finds tourney success at Nerd Street’s Localhost

by Brian Bencomo

Philadelphia Eagles running back Boston Scott is used to performing in front of tens of thousands of fans at Lincoln Financial Field. The dual-threat athlete and gamer who’s also a Rocket League streamer for esports organization Dignitas, recently got a chance to interact with fans he normally would only interact with online.

“I’ve just been trying to connect with people within the community and make it to events like this to share the passion that other gamers and myself have,” Scott told Nerd Street at Dignitas fanfest.

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Boston Scott meets with a fan at Localhost Philadelphia. Photo credit: Dignitas

Early in March, Dignitas held a fanfest at Nerd Street’s own Localhost Philadelphia, a gaming and esports venue located in the heart of the city. Dozens of fans came out to meet with Dig’s players and content creators in Rocket League and Fortnite.

For Scott, who usually gets recognized for being a football player and not a gamer, taking part in this type of event at Localhost was an opportunity for him to share how passionate he is for gaming.


“It’s a nice fresh breath of air and also it’s something I view as a kind of like a challenge because it’s like, all right, in what ways can I be creative to immerse myself in the space and kind of make a name for myself?” Scott said.

Dignitas’ Rocket League and Fortnite teams find success at Localhost

Dignitas fanfest at Localhost also was an opportunity for the organization to have some of its teams bootcamp and compete in some big tournaments. One of the players competing at Localhost was 2019 Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

Bugha and Khanada bootcamped and competed in a Fortnite tournament at Localhost Philadelphia. Photo credit: Dignitas

Bugha got signed by Dignitas in February after being with Sentinels for the past three years. Since Bugha lives near Philadelphia, going to Localhost with Dignitas was a perfect opportunity for him to meet with fans and utilize the venue to compete at a high level.

“I think having a facility here in Philadelphia is super cool,” he said. “It helps me a lot because I’m a little bit outside of Philly, so this is super good. It’s not like I have to travel all the way to LA or something like that to bootcamp, hang out with friends or just people on the team. I think this is really cool, and really helpful.”


He and the rest of Dignitas’ Fortnite team used Localhost to bootcamp ahead of and compete in the most recent Fortnite Major tournament. Bugha and his teammate Peterbot ended up finishing 16th out of 50 duos in the FNCS Major 1 North America East Grand Finals. Fellow Dig player Leon "Khanada" Khim and his duo Ajerss ended up finishing second.

As for Dig’s Rocket League team, that squad ended up qualifying for the RLCS Winter Major after beating Spacestation Gaming while playing from Localhost and having a few other results break their way.


Bugha thinks venues like Localhost are important for helping gamers perform at their peak.

“If you don’t have the proper equipment, you’re just not even able to play a game at a level the same as some of the pros,” Bugha said. “These types of things are great just for the ability to get in here and play on better specs, better PCs and just test your true potential.”

Lead photo credit: Nerd Street

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