Nerd Street CEO John Fazio named 2023 Philly Titan

by Brian Bencomo

Nerd Street founder and CEO John Fazio has been named as a member of the 2023 Philly Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes the top CEOs and C-level executives in Philadelphia as well as other cities around the country.

According to Titan CEO, the 2023 Philly Titan class includes executives from companies that employ upwards of 93,000 individuals and generate over $33 billion in annual revenues. The 2023 Philly Titans represent a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, education, healthcare, construction and real estate, staffing, professional services, hospitality, transportation and non-profit organizations among others.

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“The Titan 100 are shaping the future of the Philadelphia business community by building a distinguished reputation that is unrivaled and preeminent in their field. We proudly recognize the Titan 100 for their successes and contributions. We know that they will have a profound impact that makes an extraordinary difference for their customers and clients across the nation.” Titan CEO president Jaime Zawmon said in a statement.

This is the second year in a row that Fazio has been recognized as a Philly Titan. Fazio founded Nerd Street in 2016 out of a simple desire to give people the ability to compete in video game tournaments that rivaled traditional sports offerings. Fazio saw that the path to college and career opportunities that thousands of kids got from traditional sports could be viable to gamers as well.

Photo credit: Nerd Street

What was once a group of software engineers calling themselves N3rd Street Gamers because of the hangout’s location on N 3rd Street in Philadelphia, is now a national network of esports facilities and events dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers. Nerd Street seeks to make gaming and esports more accessible to everyone by providing access to high-end gaming PCs and equipment at Localhost gaming facilities around the country.

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In recent months, Nerd Street has been focused on partnering with colleges and universities to provide affordable access to Localhost gaming venues. In April, Nerd Street opened a venue at Rowan University. Rowan’s president, Ali Houshmand, also is a 2023 Philly Titan 100 honoree.

Fazio, Houshmand and the rest of the members of this year’s Philly Titan 100 will be recognized at a ceremony at The Drexelbrook on Sept. 21.

Lead image credit: Titan CEO

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