Lobster Fishers win Nerd Street’s VALORANT Lockdown 2 finals

by Brian Bencomo

Lobster Fishers won the finals of Nerd Street’s VALORANT Lockdown 2 tournament. After months of qualifiers, the Tier 3 VALORANT tournament series concluded with a one-day last chance qualifier and two-day finals that took place this weekend. Unlike the qualifiers which all took place online, the LCQ and finals took place on LAN at Nerd Street’s Localhost in Philadelphia gaming venue.

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Lobster Fishers’ roster was composed of a mixture of players from Shopify Rebellion and Moist Moguls, two Tier 2 teams that competed in the VALORANT Challengers circuit this year. Among the five players on the roster, Adam "mada" Pampuch, Kaleb "moose" Jayne and Victor "v1c" Truong are from Shopify Rebellion, and Brock "brawk" Somerhalder and Xavier "flyuh" Carlson competed for Moist Moguls this year.


Lobster Fishers won both of their LCQ matches 2-0 to qualify for the finals. During the group stage of the finals, Lobster Fishers beat Game Changers champions Version1 2-0 in their first match before losing to BTR Fanclub 2-0. They beat QoR 2-0 in a group decider match to qualify for the finals playoff bracket. In the playoffs, Lobster Fishers beat Feel the Wood and Zero MarksMen Black en route to the grand final where they beat YFP to claim the Lockdown 2 title.

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Lockdown 2 standouts

V1c led all players at the tournament with a 1.31 rating. BTR Fanclub’s Joseph “clear” Allen led all players with an ACS of 280. Clear also had the top K/D at 1.53. Brawk was the clear standout when it came to clutches. His 48% clutch rate and 11 clutches were both No. 1. YFP’s Aleksandar “ALEKSANDAR” Hinojosa had the most kills in a map with 38, and Argon Black’s Jason “jas0n” Vo had the most first kills overall with 56.

Honorable mentions


YFP had a great tournament run that included two wins in the group stage and two wins in the playoffs with only one map loss before losing to Lobster Fishers in the grand final. ALEKSANDAR was one of the tournament standouts too.

Feel the Wood went 2-0 in the LCQ and 2-0 in groups before bowing out in the first round of the playoffs. Their run is notable because Feel the Wood was composed of collegiate players from Northwood University, the top collegiate esports program in the country. The collegiate players held their own against amateur and pro players and even took a map from Lobster Fishers.

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Argon Black were the winners of the Resurrection Bracket. The Resurrection Bracket was a side tournament that took place Sunday for teams eliminated before the playoffs.

Version1 was the most prominent organization to send a team to Lockdown 2. V1 was the only team that has competed in the VCT Game Changers circuit this year that was in Philly.

Lead photo credit: Nerd Street

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