Nerd Street runs highly popular OfflineTV VALORANT tournament

by Brian Bencomo

Last month, Nerd Street helped run one of the most popular VALORANT tournaments this year. Nerd Street was the tournament operator and broadcast producer for OfflineTV’s SoloQ VALORANT Invitational.

With some of the most popular streamers and pro VALORANT players taking part, the tournament has brought in over 3.5 million views across Twitch and YouTube videos and streams thus far. Most of the views occurred during the two-day tournament, but the views continue to climb as people have rewatched or discovered the event in the past couple weeks.

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OfflineTV’s official Twitch stream for Day 1 of the event has garnered over 450,000 views, while its Day 2 stream is up to 120,000 views. However, the vast majority of views have come via streamer and player videos.

Popular streamer tarik has over 400,000 views for both his YouTube video and his Twitch stream of the event. 100 Thieves co-owner and streamer Valkyrae has over 300,000 views for her YouTube video of the first day of the tournament. Among the pro players who participated, Sentinels’ TenZ leads all participants with over 500,000 views on his Twitch stream of the first day of the event. 100 Thieves player Asuna has nearly 200,000 views for his Day 1 stream.

Photo credit: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games


The OfflineTV SoloQ VALORANT Invitational took on a unique format in which the five-player teams were constantly changing. Each new team iteration consisted of one player from each of five ranks: pro, immortal, ascendant, platinum-diamond and gold-silver.

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The 25 competitors were grouped by rank like this:

Pro players

  • Tarik
  • Sym
  • Tenz
  • Cryocells
  • Clear
  • Asuna


  • Masayoshi
  • Tiffae
  • Nick Falco
  • Shiphtur
  • Foolish Gamers
  • Quarterjade


  • Tenzin
  • Starsmitten
  • Bnans
  • Sydeon
  • Aimen
  • Peter Parker


  • Ludwig
  • Yoojin
  • Valkyrae
  • Meilizzz
  • Slime
  • Frtingglitter


  • Michael Reeves
  • Scarra
  • Ljerny
  • Brodin Plett
  • Lena Lemon
  • Lily Pichu

After multiple matches and different team competitions, the top players from each rank formed the two teams that competed in the finals, and the winner was the following team:

  • Cryo (pro)
  • Shiphtur (immortal)
  • Tenzin (ascendant)
  • Ludwig (platinum-diamond)
  • Scarra (gold-silver)

The winners got a cool prize too -- custom katanas!


Lead photo credit: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

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