Meet the teams who qualified for Nerd Street’s Rocket League Summer Championships

by Mitch Reames

In August, teams who have battled it out over the last few months of open qualifiers will get a chance to compete in Nerd Street’s Rocket League Summer Championships for both prestige and pay. Sixteen teams will eventually qualify for Rocket League’s Summer Champs with five locked into top seeds thanks to winning a monthly open tournament. Here are the five teams already qualified:

Slaughter House Esports (disbanded)

Starting roster: Xavier “Soulless” Morales, Ahmad “Blaze” S., and Joshua “Slushi” Gadson

Substitute: Jaylen “Kaiju” Robinson

Coach: Kevin “Kvn.” Gualberti

The winners of Nerd Street’s Monthly No. 7 way back in March, Slaughter House Esports or SH Esports released the team in April. Their qualified spot remains tied to this roster and they competed as recently as June in the Upsurge Premiere League under the SH Esports name.

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The squad’s most accomplished player is Slushi who spent time in the RLRS, the feeder league to the top tier RLCS, where he competed with Upper 90 Esports. Besides Slushi, the prize pool for Summer Champs would represent the biggest prize of the other two players' careers for any of the top three spots.

Hey bro

Starting roster: Aris, Tristian “tcorrell” Correll, Daniel

Substitute: Brian “Mill” Y

Arguably the most talented team in the tournament based on previous results, this roster of hey bro is incredibly good. The main star is tcorrell who currently plays for the Susquehanna Soniqs who Liquidpedia has as the eighth best team in North America.

But the player most will likely be watching is Daniel. He’s an up-and-coming future RLCS player and was the first player to reach the Supersonic Legend rank in solos after the new top rank in the game came out. He might already be in RLCS if he wasn’t 14-years-old. The minimum age for RLCS is 15, so expect to see the young phenom be picked up following his 15th birthday this coming December.

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Aris, the team’s third, has been playing on the squad “randoms” most recently. And that is a big issue this team will face -- getting them all together. The roster is qualified but the players have all left to compete with other teams in the months since they qualified in April. If they all get together for Summer Champs, this team is going to be strong.

Team .EXE

Starting roster: Calder “Titoh” Pagee, Deshane “Monster422” Williams, Eli “Night” Price

Substitute: Agustin “snow” Bazzani

This squad was nice enough to stay together since qualifying and is made up of plenty of talent. After qualifying by winning Nerd Street’s Monthly No. 9 in May, the team turned right around and won the Super League Arena tournament the week after for a cool $5,000 payday.

That’s each player's biggest score and the team is on the rise playing together consistently since May. None of them have any super notable experience at the RLRS level, but Night and Monster422 are 16 and 17, respectively, so they still have time to reach a new level in their careers.

Right now, Team EXE. is playing great together as a team and has the most consistency of any squad headed into Summer Champs. They enter this tournament with a good shot to win it all.


Starting roster: Jeremy “Vegas” Daoust, Brandon “Nibra37” Ouellet, Olivier “Tekoz” St-Arneault

Substitute: FireD

Another full roster ready for Summer Champs, Mirage joins by virtue of the monthly qualifier in June. The fully Canadian roster has done well in tournaments up north over the last few months as well.

Similar to Team .EXE, none of these three players have any previous high level experience but they bring that consistency that only comes with playing together over and over.

True Neutral

Starting roster: Facundo “Shad” Vallerino, Victor “Reysbull” Duran Parra, Lautaro “ajg” Gusinsky

Coach: Lucas “Aguesome” Rodriguez

True Neutral is absolutely stacked. Fans of the Latin America circuit will be familiar with True Neutral already. For those who aren’t, we are talking about South America's NRG here.

Our first team featuring players from outside North America, True Neutral comes primarily repping Argentina with Reysbull being from Chile. At the RLCS South American championship, True Neutral beat Furia to take first place overall and $70,000. Even though they are likely playing on some brutal ping for NSG events, True Neutral looked dominant in the most recent open qualifier.

They won the final, beating Team .EXE 3-1. After the entire gauntlet of RLCS X, True Neutral finished in first place overall thanks to first-place finishes in two out of three of South America's majors, locking them into the two-team final against Furia.

No other team comes even close to the pedigree of True Neutral in Summer Champs. Ping, and possibly an amazing showing from hey bro, are going to be the biggest tests for True Neutral in this tournament. We are talking about one of the four champions of RLCS Season X here, even if they aren’t from as major of a region as NA or EU. True Neutral are absolutely the favorites for Nerd Street’s Summer Champs.

Other teams who could make it in

Those are just the top five teams who all qualified via a monthly play-in. The rest of the 16-team tournament will be filled through two avenues. The first is a last chance qualifier featuring eight teams taking place on July 30 with three teams who will guarantee a spot in Summer Champs.

The other eight spots will be filled with the top eight point earners across all Nerd Street Rocket League events who haven’t already qualified. Right now that would be:

Parabellum Esports: 3,900 points

Monkey Business: 3,630

Stockton: 3,600

Selling Bread: 3,180

Integrity Esports: 3,030

SoInsane Gaming: 3,000

Mectos eSports: 3,000

AllMid: 2,400

Lead image credit: Psyonix

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